Almost Summer!

We are incredibly lucky to have had the best season we have at our property for about 10 years, which is a stark contrast to the rest of Victoria.

Our Maine-Anjou calves are growing well with Anjouliette Lil producing a fantastic bull calf Anjouliette Noah sired by Maine Park Layley who is proving to be an excellent sire.

Maine Park Junia has produced a stunning miniature version of herself in Anjouliette Nell. The two have even attended the Bendigo Agricultural Show where Junia was named the Champion Maine-Anjou Female.

Maine Park Julie in similar fashion to Junia has produced a calf very similar in appearance to herself with Anjouliette Nova.

Anjouliette Miss Dianne will be getting in calf very soon which is exciting!

We’re looking forward to seeing these calves grow out and become the next generation.

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Anjouliette Nova