What’s JBAS?

Well it’s the acronym for Johne’s Beef Assurance Score. It represents more than just a concern for the Johne’s disease, the scheme is a farm risk assessment tool. Our farm has created a bio-security plan with practices to minimise the risk of any diseases or weeds entering the property.

We hold a JBAS score of 7, having had our herd tested for Johne’s disease and having clear results. In addition, we have been testing our cattle for the presence of Pestivirus for many years and have received all clear results.

It’s important to us that we protect our herd from potential contamination that could affect their integrity. We have foot washes for our shoes after visiting off farm, we have quarantine areas for cattle from other farms (even if they have a JBAS of 7 or higher for example one issue is they could be carrying seeds of pest plants ingested or on their exterior).

We’re committed to breeding quality cattle and that means bio-security a priority.