Maternal Females

Maternal ability is one of the most important aspects we look for in our female herd. We want cows that retain their milking ability from the original dual purpose Maine-Anjou. The females in our herd have also been selected for their care towards calves, to ensure the safety and survival of newborns.

Our female herd is comprised of cows with sound structure, good temperaments and meat carrying capacity. We strongly focus on having the best females we can and attribute our breeding success to these cows. Why is this? Well it’s simple, we can change the bulls we use in our herd every year, but we can’t change our females with such ease. The females in our herd are the foundation of our entire stud, just like a building – without a strong base it’s difficult to build.

Last week one of our females we have just mentioned, Anjouliette Lil calved having a little bull weighing 37kg, Anjouliette Picasso and is doing a fantastic job.